Privacy Policy

BBC Defenders aims to be your premier source of information regarding business and marketing. From the breaking news and insightful views that our writers deliver, we will prove that immediacy is our name and credibility is our game.

As important as giving you a proper understanding of how business works and what your role in it is, we want you to feel secure when you access our content. Here are the details of our privacy policy.

Use of Personal Information

We automatically collect data from you. The information includes when you visited our website, which browser you used, and what your IP address is. Rest assured that the automatically gathered information is harmless. We will not use it to compromise your online safety and security in any way.

We may ask personal information from you to optimize the content for all our readers, but it is entirely optional. Furthermore, any information you choose to share with us is strictly confidential. We will never disclose it to other websites or third party organizations.

External Links

When our team of writers adds external links into the articles they publish, it is so that you may have credible sources for additional information. Please be reminded that these external links lead to other websites that have different privacy policies than ours.

We advise you to read their respective privacy policies before disclosing any personal information to them. Our team is not responsible for how they use the information you give them.

Policy Changes

We continually optimize our website for our readers. Any changes in our privacy policy will be available here. As such, please check this page regularly or subscribe to our newsletter to get the updates automatically.