5 Advantages of Condo Units on Higher Floors

5 Advantages of Condo Units on Higher Floors

One of the most important decisions you need to make when choosing a condo unit is deciding on the right floor. If you shop around hard enough, you’ll notice that those located higher usually cost slightly more. This is not a coincidence, and 32 Sanson by Rockwell explains why:

1. Better View

The higher the floor level, the more beautiful the view is. Unless taller buildings surround yours, you can expect to enjoy wonderful panoramas and receive uninterrupted sunlight. Regardless of the size of your condo unit, it would feel larger the farther your gaze reaches.

2. Greater Ventilation

The penthouse level generally gets a lot of breeze because most buildings aren’t tall enough to block the airflow. This can offset the heat of rising warm air from the space below, making the summer more bearable, and help lower your air-conditioning costs.

3. Less Noise

One of the biggest disadvantages of the living in a condo unit nearer the street is noise pollution. This is especially apparent in densely populated areas. This is hardly a concern to those residing on a higher floor. The sounds of the city dissipate the farther you are from the ground. If you live on the top floor, you wouldn’t have to deal with noises from an upstairs neighbor.

4. Safer

Higher-floor condo units are less susceptible to theft than those closer to the entrance of the property. Of course, a condominium with 24/7 security is impregnable, but you should live high up in the building if you want to enjoy greater peace of mind.

5. Higher Value

Thanks to their inherent advantages, condo units on a higher floor are typically more sought-after. In case you decide to put yours on the market down the road, you could sell it a much higher price. Or, you could rent it out at an above-average rate.

Each condo floor has its own set of pros and cons, but the positives of higher ones usually outnumber and outweigh the negatives. Think about your lifestyle to determine where exactly you should live on.