How Much Do Australians Spend on Asbestos Removal?

How Much Do Australians Spend on Asbestos Removal?

The cost of removing asbestos in Australia usually entails a significant price tag, but a study showed that three factors usually determine the actual cost.

According to the Asbestos Safety Eradication Agency’s (ASEA) research, many households in the country decide against asbestos removal and disposal due to the size and cost of the project. Other factors include the location of asbestos and the impact of government incentives, such as free disposal or interest-free loans.

Regional Costs

The cost of removing asbestos varies among different states and territories. In Western Australia, households may pay a lower rate than those who live in the Australian Capital Territory. The ACT government spent more than $760 million to buy back and demolish more than 1,850 homes due to being filled with asbestos insulation.

If you need to remove asbestos from a large bathroom, you may spend between $2,500 and $3,500. It may cost even more for roofing at up to $13,500 depending on the material’s size. It is not surprising then why some people dump the hazardous building materials illegally.

Tougher Rules

New South Wales plans to impose stricter penalties for those who are found guilty of illegal asbestos dumping. The tougher rules form part of the state government’s goal of reducing illegal waste dumping by 30 per cent in the next two years, whilst making it cheaper for residents to dispose of asbestos in a safe way.

Even if you do not live in NSW, you should still practise safe asbestos removal and disposal preferably with the help of a professional. Compliance with regulations not only helps you avoid harsh penalties; you also do your part in protecting the environment.

It is better to hire a professional for asbestos removal since complying with environmental regulations can be complex. Choose a consultancy firm that has extensive experience in this field of work.