How Digital Marketing Could Help Brands Enhance E-Commerce Performance

How Digital Marketing Could Help Brands Enhance E-Commerce Performance

Brands need to step up their performance on different e-commerce platforms beyond Amazon and Google since shoppers don’t just buy exclusively from these two online retail giants.

Some of the strategies for enhancing you e-commerce performance include optimization of product detail pages (PDP) for different websites, expanding paid advertisements, and integrating organic search with sponsored ads.

Strategic Enhancement

Search engine optimization and other content strategies help brands with their PDP optimization goals. While Amazon accounts for most of the online retail sales in the U.S., it doesn’t mean consumers don’t browse for information from other websites. Due diligence has become important for shoppers, and they are more likely to buy something if they are able to see product descriptions, ratings, and reviews from other clients.

It’s also important to boost traffic to your own website if you focus on a local market, explains a marketing professional from Third Stage Marketing. For instance, businesses in Colorado may choose to achieve this by upgrading their strategies on pay-per-click (PPC) for Denver customers.

Black Friday Sales

Almost 70% of Americans will shop online on Black Friday this year, while sales are expected to surpass transactions on the upcoming Cyber Monday. E-commerce sales would reach up to $134 billion for the holiday season, but the tight competition among other businesses would mean the market share for that amount could be uneven if brands outplay others with a better e-commerce performance.

Most shoppers have likely begun with their shopping, so it’s possible that they may have come across your brand on different websites. Small businesses usually outsource their e-commerce search strategies to a digital marketing specialist, which makes sense especially if you only require online marketing services during the holiday season.

An improved e-commerce performance should not just focus on providing the best products and services on your niche. Instead, customers should easily find information about your brand that will help them make an informed buying decision.