Live Edge Slabs for Creating Timeless Decorative Pieces

Live Edge Slabs for Creating Timeless Decorative Pieces

Live edge furniture is among the most conspicuous pieces that the design industry has had for centuries. But what exactly does live edge mean? Ideally, live edge pieces have tree profiles showing the grains of the wood from which the furniture is made

Thanks to precision engineering, you can even customize the live edge slab furniture to the shape and style you want and that will match your interior decor.

With the right choice of staining products and finishing methods, you can enhance the texture and grains of the wood slabs of the furniture you will create.


Live edge furniture can fit any style that can blend with natural wood pieces. But to achieve such a natural beauty, you will need a high level of craftsmanship. If you are an experienced artisan, you will appreciate the importance of sourcing your wood and wood products from a renowned supplier. You can even make statement pieces out of natural wood. Your supplier should also advise you on which wood characters will bring out the best in your live edge projects.

You can use live edge furniture in nearly every interior design or style. These furniture pieces create eye-catching focal points that are intriguing enough that you can visualize the wood from the furniture you will make.

Options for Environmental Conservation

If you are more environmentally conscious or your application requires you to meet quality standards for green building, you can also ask your wood supplier to provide you with reclaimed wood products instead of fresh wood slabs. You can maintain naturally occurring wood stains and rings as well.

Using live edge furniture pieces reflects your awareness of ecological preservation of natural wood and respect for the beauty of nature. Most importantly, ensure that you get the wood and wood products that meet your requirements only from a renowned and established supplier.