Skyrocket Your Learning Ability in 2 Moves

Skyrocket Your Learning Ability in 2 Moves

In the modern working environment, you need a great ability to garner new skills and knowledge. Refined learning and reading skills increase your chances of growing and having a runaway success in your career.

In what turned out to be one the most successful classic sales letters, the Wall Street Journal tells the story of two men. These two men graduated from college at the same time with the same credentials. But 25 years later, one of the men headed a small department, while the other was the CEO. What is the difference between their success levels?

The story line went to explain the importance of building and honing business skills in furthering your career. In the modern day, this advice still holds true, and signing up for online education courses can give you that edge. Here are a few pointers to help you through:

1. Keep the Sessions Short and Sweet

Most people readily buy into the misconception that learning is a difficult task and that it leads them to give themselves a wide berth. While learning a new subject is no cakewalk, poor reading habits makes it infinitely harder. In his best-selling book, Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World, Cal Newport delves into the art of succeeding in the 21st century. He explains that by polishing your reading and learning habits, you can scale to greater heights by dedicating a few hours a day. The book then goes on to details ways to make the most of each study sessions.

2. Test Yourself Constantly

The key to mastering any new skills and gaining new knowledge lies in improving your rate of retention. That means that you need to move away from passive and rote learning, which have been proven ineffective. Instead, you need to become an active learner who quizzes himself or herself regularly. This might entail reading a chapter, closing the book, and making a summary in your own words. Doing so would expose gaps in your knowledge and understanding of the subject. You can then go back and brush up on such areas until you have full command of the subject.

In a dynamic work environment, the people who thrive have a great ability to garner new skills and knowledge. Improving your learning skills can give you a considerable edge in growing your career.