The Benefits of Braces in Kings Hill

The Benefits of Braces in Kings Hill

Most people are familiar with the appearance of fixed, metal braces: train tracks strewn across the teeth. They aren’t the most attractive look, but they do an important job.

Children and teenagers can have their jawbone realigned to help the teeth fit together better. After age 18 the jaw sets hard, so it isn’t possible to for adults to have this type of work without serious surgery. Braces in Kings Hill for grown-ups usually move the teeth within the jaw. Dental practices in the area, such as One Smile Oral Care, offer consultations for patients to see if they will benefit from braces in Kings Hill.

How do fixed braces in Kings Hill work?

There are a variety of teeth-straightening devices available, which work in different ways. Fixed braces in Kings Hill, whether they are front-facing or fitted to the back of the teeth, whether they are metal, clear or tooth-coloured, all work on the same principles.

Fixed braces work by pulling the teeth into position, with small amounts of consistent pressure over time. Although this may sound like an uncomfortable process, after a settling in period, most patients report that their braces don’t trouble them.

The body responds to the gentle pull of the braces in two ways: on the side of the tooth where the pressure is being exerted, bone is resorbed. This means that the body dissolves the jawbone in this location. This makes it possible for the tooth to move forward. On the other side, bone material is deposited and built up to secure the tooth in its new location. This process of dissolution and rebuilding takes up to 2 years to complete, unless the patient has fast-acting cosmetic braces in Kings Hill that only work on the front few teeth. In that case, treatment takes between 16 weeks and 9 months.

Whatever type of braces treatment a patient has, most will need to wear a fixed or removable retainer for up to a year, and sometimes indefinitely, to hold the teeth in their new positions. The teeth straightening dentist can advise patients on how to care for their retainer to make sure it doesn’t compromise the health of their teeth.