Women’s-Only Gyms Provide a Better Gym Experience and Wider Range of Activities

Women’s-Only Gyms Provide a Better Gym Experience and Wider Range of Activities

According to Lori Incledon, fitness is a superficial issue for women: they exercise because it helps them look better. Incledon is the author of Strength Training for Women, and for her men treat exercising as a sport and do it for fun — it’s competitive and should be part of a routine.

According to her, both sexes tend to downplay the health benefits of exercise. The difference between gym routines for men and women is most evident in a women-only fitness center such as those in Winchester. There is a growing trend in this kind of personal training studio.

Motivated to Exercise

Women, in general, feel better when exercising in an all-women’s gym. Most become self-conscious about what they look like during exercise, especially when there are men around. Women-only gyms or those that offer sessions for women can attract more female clients.

The reverse is also true as men are less likely to enroll in services with a predominantly women clientele. These are dynamics that result from having a male-dominated gym and women-only gym sessions. The former is more common and can be daunting for female clients.

The truth is that the gym is still considered a male enclave. Women dominate gym sessions or exercise classes: yoga, Pilates, belly dancing, aerobics and others. Men don’t usually sign up for these classes, although they do like lifting weights and strength-training machines.

Safe Places

Women feel secure when they exercise without men in sight. They would rather attend classes where women are the majority. Alternatively, they do a wider range of exercises when they have the gym to themselves. It also helps if the majority of the trainers are women.

Women need to use the gym as often as men, but it can be intimidating for them to use the facilities when the majority of users are men. A women-only facility allows them a safe space to enjoy themselves and have fun exercising without any man in sight.