The Introvert’s Guide to Moving to a New Neighbourhood

The Introvert’s Guide to Moving to a New Neighbourhood

Moving is stressful, but it’s far tougher for introverts. The new environment can be overwhelming since they prefer consistency over change. You may be with your spouse and kids, but all of this may still feel too much to bear. If you’re an introvert planning to move to one of the new homes around Point Cook, Victoria, here are some tips to make the transition easier:

Make the foreign familiar

It’s perfectly okay to feel a bit uneasy on your new house. There are ways, however, to make it feel like home and reduce that eerie vibe of foreignness. Decorate your home like your previous house. Hang your family photos. Arrange furniture like how you’ve always positioned them. This will slowly make the foreign familiar to you.

This principle extends to your neighbourhood as well. Go out as much as you can. Visit a nearby cafe or a local park on weekends. Fight the urge to just stay at your home. Remember, when you’re more familiar with the neighbourhood, the newness will feel a lot more familiar.

Pursue your interests

This will allow you to meet neighbours who have the same interests as yours. Pet lovers, for instance, usually walk their dogs to the park, where other pet lovers hang out as well. Health buffs find other fit-conscious neighbours in the local gym. And moms who are active in their children’s school life get to meet other moms in the local school as well.

Sometimes, there are also community events the neighbourhood organises, which may fit your interests. Some of these are building a community garden and holding a yard sale for charity. Join those activities to cultivate relationships with your neighbours.

Accept invitations

Yes, going to your neighbour’s backyard barbecue party, where there could be lots of people, is draining. But make it a priority to go to at least one. Just to be familiar with the people around you and to express gratitude as well for the one who invited you. You don’t have to spend the whole night at your neighbour’s; excuse yourself politely when you would want to leave already.

Moving is especially difficult for introverts. But hopefully, these tips could help you experience a far less stressful transition.