Sub-Irrigation Solutions for Greenhouse Farming

Sub-Irrigation Solutions for Greenhouse Farming

Everyone nowadays is looking for a big money-making venture. Though there are many online solutions for this, only a few are as profitable as greenhouse farming. Many growers understand the various elements needed for optimal plant growth, but only a few know how to meet these requirements.

One area that few growers have sufficient knowledge in is the watering system for their plants. There are currently very efficient sub-irrigation or zero-runoff options a commercial greenhouse contractor will offer for your venture other than the well-known hand watering. Here are these sub-irrigation solutions:

Capillary Mat Systems

In these systems, your growing pots are kept on a fabric mat that’s 0.25-0.5’’ thick. The mats are held on a leveled bench over a plastic layer with water and a nutrient-rich solution supplied on drip tubes placed on this layer. The growing pots have holes at their bottom to soak up the water. To minimize the risk of algae growth, the plastic sheet is painted black.

Trough Systems

In this option, there are metal and plastic troughs placed on your growing benches or top of your growing pots. Water and a nutrient solution are placed in spaghetti pipes and pumped to flow at the bottom of your containers or overhead. Trough systems are inexpensive, easy to install, and the water used for irrigation can be collected in a cross gutter and recycled.

Ebb and Flood Benches

These systems feature watertight fiberglass and plastic benches and movable trays. The irrigant is put in a holding tank and pumped to your growing benches from where it’s absorbed into the growing pots. There are channels at the bottom of your benches to facilitate even water distribution.

These sub-irrigation systems are currently the best option for greenhouse farming. They decrease water wastage by over 50% and result in uniform water distribution. You can also easily change your growing pots’ size and placement with sub-irrigation systems.