Travel to Less Known Historical Mormon Sites

Travel to Less Known Historical Mormon Sites

There are many significant, albeit less-known, religious history sites to visit. Places like these encourage people to learn more about the beginnings of Mormonism and the Latter Day Saints movement. If you are interested in travelling to these historical Mormon sites, companies like Cruise Lady offer these types of excursions.

Erie Canal

The significance of the Erie Canal for Mormonism can be traced back to when Palmyra, New York, was designated as a canal stop in the 19th century. This move proved monumental to the publication of the Book of Mormon in 1830.

During this period, economies boomed in cities that served canal stops. Hotel, restaurant, and blacksmith businesses grew to accommodate the business people coming into the city.

One such business was the bookstore and printing company of Egbert Grandin. The Erie Canal allowed Grandin to distribute equipment and supplies to the city for much less than traditional land methods. This was also why Joseph Smith was able to print, publish, and distribute the Book of Mormon at low, acceptable levels of cost.

Translation Site of King James Bible

Many King James Bible translators were either educated or taught at Oxford or Cambridge. Merton College in Oxford, in particular, had several translating committees. One of these committees translated the Gospels, Acts, and Revelation books of the Bible in the living quarters of Merton’s college warden at the time.

Embarras River

Joseph Smith and other members of Zion’s camp travelled on a 900-mile journey west during the summer of 1834. On May 26, they stopped to make camp beside Illinois’ Embarras River, only to find that this area was infested by prairie rattlesnakes.

According to Joseph Smith’s historical records, the group was prepared to kill the snakes before he encouraged them to leave the snakes unharmed. The men used long sticks to carry the snakes to the other side of the river instead.

These sites all hold rich and interesting histories about the early beginnings of Mormonism and the spread of the Latter Day Saints movement.