Practical Ways to Rid Your House of Bad Odors

Practical Ways to Rid Your House of Bad Odors

Sewer gas can be a nuisance. The odor is not always due to a serious problem like backflow. Eradicating the smell by yourself is possible. All that you need to do is find the source. If the problem is too difficult to solve, you should contact reliable sewer repair services like All Hours Plumbing and Drain Cleaning. How do you rid of sewer odor?

Check for Dry Taps

If you have floor drains and plumbing fixtures that you do not use frequently, you should check them. In most cases, the trap under such installations goes dry. It is crucial to run water through infrequently used drains to ensure that the trap has sufficient water.

Clean the Pipes

Bacteria buildup is another common cause of sewer odor. If your house has cast-iron plumbing, bacteria buildup is likely a constant problem. When these pipes corrode, they create nooks that make the perfect home for bacteria. The good news is that the problem is manageable. Pouring household cleaners down your drains helps kill the bacteria. It is essential to choose cleaning products that are safe for your type of plumbing.

Seal Your Shower Doors

Shower doors come with metal tracks for support purposes. With time, these tracks lose their seals. This leads to water being trapped in the doors. Since the trapped water cannot evaporate, it houses bacteria and becomes smelly. Sealing your doors with caulk or a silicone always works.

Remember that you can only eradicate an odor problem appropriately if you find the source. It is essential to open the house first to let the air inside. When the smell goes out, locating the source becomes easier.