Saying “I Do”: A 12-Month Guide to Have the Best Wedding Bash

Saying “I Do”: A 12-Month Guide to Have the Best Wedding Bash

There’s nothing more exciting than preparing your wedding. While this special celebration can be fun, you need to be organized and start planning as early as possible. Lack of preparation can turn your biggest day into a disaster. There are many ways you could approach your wedding day plans, but the best way is to have a prenuptial timeline that covers everything from wedding rings to honeymoon flights.

The timeline depends on how big the wedding celebration would be. On average, most couples would plan 12 months before the wedding day. Doing so ensures they have enough time to prepare for everything they want to have for their wedding celebration.

A Few Weeks After Getting Engaged

You need to discuss with your partner the ideal wedding you have in mind. Both of you should decide on the theme and other details. Discuss the symbols and images that matter to you, and what kind of atmosphere appeals to you both. You need to accomplish the following on that day:

  • Start setting a budget plan.
  • Make a draft of the guest list. Decide on the number of guests you want to invite.
  • Choose initial wedding dates.
  • List potential venues and locations.
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  • Organize an engagement party.

Twelve to Ten Months Before the Wedding

  • Book the event venues.
  • Look for wedding services and suppliers. These include photographers, videographers, lights and sounds, florists, catering, invitations, decorations, hair and makeup, and entertainment.
  • List different options for the food. Consider getting reliable catering services.
  • Check different wedding themes and other inspirations for the venue setup and ceremonial location.
  • Start looking for wedding dresses and suits. Decide on the wedding outfit for your entourage and make sure they match the wedding theme.
  • Start sending your wedding invitations.
  • Meet up with the bridesmaids or groomsmen to discuss the necessary details.

Eight to Six Months Before the Wedding

  • Make reservations for your guests. Plan the seating arrangements so everyone will have the chance to meet everyone and have a great time for the party.
  • Coordinate with your organizer. Hire décor and party rental companies.
  • Choose a wedding cake design.
  • Plan for your honeymoon. Choose your destination and book your flights.
  • See a stylist and makeup artist to test your bridal makeup.

Five Months Before the Wedding

  • Make sure that your wedding dress and suits are complete. Check if there are adjustments your designer needs to make. Most shops require at least five months to complete a bridal gown.
  • Check the venue. Talk to your decorators, florists, photographers, and organizer on the final touches of your celebration.

Four Months Before the Wedding

  • You should have a fitting for your entourage.
  • Organize all the legal documents and papers you need to have.
  • Coordinate with the person in charge of the ceremony.
  • Book the bridal car and other transportation services.
  • Coordinate with your hair and makeup stylists for the final look of your entourage.

Two to Three Months Before the Wedding

  • Decide on the food, drinks and the entrees you want to serve.
  • Get the wedding rings you ordered from a jewelry store.
  • Have your wedding souvenirs delivered.
  • Meet with the band or disc jockey that will be part of the reception entertainment.
  • Check the guest list and the total number who will attend.

Following this guide for every period will help you plan the wedding bash of your dreams. With the help of an able wedding planner, you can make that dream wedding a reality, as long as you make sure you have everything in place.