Effective Ways to Find a Reliable Truck Driver

Effective Ways to Find a Reliable Truck Driver

Hiring the right candidate can be a challenge to anyone who’s looking for a great truck driver for their business. Even sifting through several application forms can take a lot of your time, which could have been used to do other tasks. Most companies usually get the services of a staffing agency to find drivers with a CDL (Commercial Driver’s License).

Centerline Drivers cites some effective ways to fill those vacant CDL truck driver jobs in your company.

Use the CSA Driver Profile

You may want to run the applicant’s CSA (Compliance, Safety, and Accountability) profile as soon as you have the legal rights to do so. Experts note that running the system will help you weed out the drivers who’ve had motor vehicle reports related to tickets and other safety-related incidents.

Know the skills you are looking for

Working as a truck driver requires a specific set of skills so that the applicant can do their job properly. When reviewing the applications, be sure to check for an updated CDL, basic knowledge of logistical supply chain, a clean driving record, and an acceptable bill of health. The driver should also be presentable enough, especially when they’re interacting with customers.

OJT (On-the-Job) evaluations

Within the first two weeks after completing the training, you may want to assign a transportation manager to follow the driver while he or she is on the road. It’s important not to tell the driver in advance so that the transportation manager can assess the driver’s driving skills carefully.

These are just some of the things you may want to consider when hiring a truck driver for your company. If you still feel like it isn’t enough, then consider hiring a staffing agency to make the process easier.