Restore Teeth, Restore Confidence

Restore Teeth, Restore Confidence

In Melbourne, a dental implant cannot only restore teeth, it can restore confidence in smiling, eating, laughing and talking. Unlike dentures, dental implants are secured into the jawbone to ensure that extra confidence when chewing and speaking.

Secured into the jawbone? Sounds overwhelming

This tooth restoration treatment is a clinically proven and safe procedure. All good dental clinics, such as High Dental Implants, provide patients with a dental implant in Melbourne. Before a patient is considered for dental implants, they are required to supply details of their medical history, current health and lifestyle habits. A full assessment of their oral health and jawbone density must also be completed as this determines whether dental implants are a suitable option.

If the treatment can be carried it out, then a small surgical procedure is required. Tiny screws are inserted into the jawbone and once healed, the artificial tooth, or crown, is simply attached onto the implant. Once attached they cannot be removed, or fall out, therefore guaranteeing that extra confidence.

How many teeth can be replaced with dental implants?

There is no limit to how many teeth can be replaced. From a single tooth to a complete set. The upper and lower arch can be replaced on an ‘All-on-4’ basis which consists of an entire arch being set on only four implants. This makes healing time faster and a full smile being achieved sooner.

Caring for dental implants

In Melbourne, a dental implant needs to be cared for exactly like any natural teeth would. Carrying out the same dental hygiene routine as usual. Brushing, flossing and maintaining healthy gums and teeth is essential for the longevity of dental implants.

Why dental implants?

In Melbourne, a dental implant is long-lasting, sturdy and totally discreet. Unless pointed out, a dental implant cannot be noticed as it looks exactly like natural teeth. The artificial tooth is purposefully matched in colour to the patients’ natural teeth in order to blend in. As dental implants are secured firmly to the jawbone, the hassle of removing them for sleeping and cleaning plus any slips or accidents will be a thing of the past.