3 Efficient Ways on How to Manage a Salad Bar

3 Efficient Ways on How to Manage a Salad Bar

Consumers today are now looking for healthier dining options whenever they go out to dine. Of course, when there’s demand for it, supply shouldn’t be too far behind. And that brings us to the increase in the salad concepts franchise, which includes a salad bar as well.

However, as chopstopfranchising.com noted, opening a salad bar business is not as simple as it seems. Although you may get your revenue from repeat customers, operating a salad bar franchise may be expensive as well. To help you keep up with the demands while maintaining the level of service that your customers love, here’s how you can manage your salad bar as efficiently as possible.

1. Serve less, but do it more often

Your customers want to eat veggies that look fresh and tastes fresh as well. Don’t feel the need to put mounds of it unless it’s the peak hours. You may want to only bring out enough product so your crocks and food pans will look full. Then, set a few fresh product back-up containers readily available so you can easily refill it any time.

2. Include a variety of protein

Keep in mind that salads don’t just include fruits and vegetables. You also need to have protein in it. According to the Food Service Director, you may want to add a variety of protein as an option to your customer. A few choices that you may want to add are tofu, chopped eggs, and beans.

3. Put the least expensive products in front of the selection

You should also consider the presentation of your products when managing a salad bar franchise. You have to put the lower food cost items right on the left side of the salad bar, so it’ll be the first ones to get consumed first.

These are just a few things you may want to remember when setting up a salad bar. It’s always essential to read about how to manage a profitable salad bar so you’ll know what to do as soon as you open up one.