The 21st Century Employee: How Working Practices Have Evolved

The 21st Century Employee: How Working Practices Have Evolved

If you’ve been keeping yourself up to date with today’s workforce trends, you’ve probably heard the terms home-based work, co-working spaces, and virtual teams. These are all part of how employees have evolved in the 21st century.

There are many office spaces in West Palm Beach that cater to the so-called millennial workforce. These are the types of employees who grew up in the age of technology where information is easily accessible anytime, anywhere.

Going Back in Time

Before Wi-Fi connections and laptops were the norm, the day of an employee would consist of breakfast, going to the office, taking lunch and coffee breaks, and going home for dinner. Most of them would have their own cubicles strategically placed on an office floor where departments are separated depending on the kind of work they require. If they had to go to a meeting, they would be held in a conference room where everyone had to be seated at a table with their notepads and pens and folders. A lot of companies still do this today but with a few alterations and enhancements.

Working in the 21st Century

Many people today find it easier to balance business and pleasure because of the advancement in technology has presented to their generation. Entrepreneurs can now choose to hire members of their team from different parts of the world and use the diversity and cost-effectiveness of the practice.

Many companies also now allow their employees to work from home, which makes it easier for adults who have other responsibilities. And then there’s the co-working space industry that caters to those who can work anywhere. Entrepreneurs won’t have to lease office spaces, and freelancers can work in a community that shares the same work ethics.

There might be some old-school employees who still prefer regular 9-to-5 office work, and that’s fine. But there’s also no doubt that working with the advancement of the 21st century definitely has a good share of advantages that everyone can experience—millennial or not.