Gas-Powered Heating Options for Residential and Commercial Buildings

Gas-Powered Heating Options for Residential and Commercial Buildings

Cooling and heating costs currently make up approximately 60% of an average residential and commercial property’s energy expenses. There are different implements designed to cut down on these energy costs. The ideal choice, however, is to use natural gas-powered systems, as it helps reduce your property’s overall energy consumption by over 57%.

There are many gas-powered systems available on the market today. Regardless of your choice, it’s important to have it fixed by a trusted air conditioning installation company in Knoxville, TN to ensure its optimal operation. Here are the best gas-powered heating options you can install in your property:


These warm your entire property through the ducts that distribute forced heat. Though they use the same heating and cooling principle as electric and oil furnaces, gas-powered furnaces have an 80-97% efficacy. That said, they generate more heat for a similar amount of fuel as electric and oil-powered models.


These burn natural gas, which in turn, heat water and turn it into steam. The steam that is generated is conveyed to different areas of your property through a series of tubes, which heat your rooms from the ground up. To this end, the boiler is used with in-floor radiant heating units or radiator. If the steam is pumped via a heat exchanger, the boiler can generate forced-air heating like a furnace.

Space Heaters

There are two categories of space heaters: vented and unvented. Vented space heaters are used indoors and usually have a fan or blower to distribute heat while the vent sends out combustion byproducts and carbon dioxide. Unvented heaters can be used to heat your outdoor spaces, including the decks and patios, during parties.

Though the installation of gas-powered heating systems is lengthy, they generate heat faster than other systems. That said, they will be the best choice during extreme winters when you need heat quickly. Your choice will be primarily influenced by your property’s construction.