Best Materials to Use when Packing Items for Moving

Best Materials to Use when Packing Items for Moving

Moving boxes are the most popular moving material being used today. Reason being, they are affordable, and easy to pack, transport and unpack. However, you can’t just put your things in the boxes without protecting them first.

To ensure that the boxed items are not touching during transit, long-distance moving companies wrap your items in special cushioning materials. This article highlights various types of protective wrapping materials that ensure the safety of your fragile items.

Bubble Wrap

Undoubtedly, bubble wraps come in handy when you’re concerned about the survival of a majority of your breakage-prone valuables during the moving journey. They’re best for packing items such as wine bottles and glasses, paintings, mirrors, electronics, appliances, dishes, and plants. They are available in various grades such as strong grade, limited grade, multipurpose grade, and anti-static grade, among others.

Packing Paper

Available in brown and white colors, packing paper should be the first layer of protection for your fragile items. A majority of movers prefer it since it doesn’t leave behind marks or stains on the objects that they wrap. You can also use this as a padding material in your packing box. All you need to do is crumble up some papers and layer them on the box.

Plastic Wrap

Also referred to as stretch wrap, the highly elastic and versatile plastic material is ideal for keeping items in position with no worries of cleaning up residual marks after the trip. You can use this to secure furniture such as drawers and glass doors, bundle clothes together, and keep beddings such as mattresses in place. Plastic wrap also offers extra protection against dust, dirt, and moisture.

Box movement is what causes damage to your items when moving since even the slightest shift can cause chips, scrapes, and scratches. Thus, the best way to protect your property against all these is by using the right moving supplies.