Where to Use SPF in Home Insulation

Where to Use SPF in Home Insulation

Are you looking for an insulation material to use in your building and have no idea what to do? First, understanding the R-values is the initial step when choosing an insulation material. The R-value is an expression of the ability of a material to minimize the flow of heat through the envelope of a building.

A higher value indicates better insulation properties, where super polyurethane foam (SPF) is one of the insulation materials with the highest R-values that contractors in Houston, Texas use. Ultimate Radiant Barrier & Insulation and other experts explain further what it is.

Understanding SPF

The SPF is either available in closed- or open-cell and has insulating properties. The foam expands when in cracks or has holes to seal all crevices in a building. As a result, there is minimal moisture infiltration into the building.

Where to Use the SPF?


In combination with other protective coatings, the SPF can construct cool roofs in homes that cut the cooling costs that homeowners would incur.


A home’s attic is responsible for a lot of heat loss. Therefore, placing this foam in the attic could seal the holes and prevent the entry of moisture. When there is minimal moisture in the attic, there are low chances of mold growth that could affect the state of your belongings and cause allergies.

Wall Cavities

When handling renovation projects or construction, homeowners can choose to install the foam in the wall cavities. The foam will not only increase the energy efficiency of the room, but will also increase the soundproofing properties of the room and boost the comfort of the room.

The creation process of the foam involves the mixing of two types of liquids in specialized equipment. Regardless of the choice of your SPF, you should engage professional contractors in the installation process, as they have the appropriate equipment and necessary skills.