Private Nook in a Public Place: Public Restroom Designs That Make Users Feel Good

Private Nook in a Public Place: Public Restroom Designs That Make Users Feel Good

Public washrooms that provide appropriate privacy and sanitation contribute to people’s positive experience in a building. There’s a reason for this that goes beyond just having a place to do your thing. Older adults, people with disability, individuals with children, and those with shy bladder syndrome may feel excluded or discouraged to leave their homes if they are not assured of proper restroom facilities in public places.

If you are an architect or builder who wants to provide the best experience possible for people who use the restrooms in your building, here are restroom design solutions to consider:


Privacy is a concern in the layout of public washrooms. Studies show that people, especially men, tend to feel discomfort or succumb to a shy bladder when urinals and toilets are installed too close to each other. Designers have to standardise partitions in public or commercial bathrooms to increase privacy.


Public toilets are usually located in hidden and discreet areas. Even with the privacy features provided, visibility of the toilets may be important to make users feel safe going to the toilet. Putting restrooms where most people can see them also lessens the possibility of vandalism. Choose a location that is safe enough yet offers the level of privacy users require.

Acoustic Control

Public washrooms that are silent can make people feel uncomfortable for fear that other people might hear what they are doing. To address this issue, install a full-height cubicle for better soundproofing. If possible, provide neutral and soothing piped-in music inside the restroom to make people feel relaxed.

Home Accessories

People feel more comfortable in places designed to look like home. Instead of going for the usual sterile appearance of public washrooms, use fun colours, flattering lighting and decorations to create a homey ambience. You can add flowers in vases or decorative wallpapers as well.

A public washroom designed for privacy provides a comfortable, safe and secure atmosphere for users. With the proper layout, location, acoustic control and touches of home, public washrooms can make users feel like they have their own private nook in a public area.