3 Tips for Customising Name Tags for Different Events

3 Tips for Customising Name Tags for Different Events

Organising a successful event requires concise planning and giving attention to details. A good way to make identification easy is using name tags for attendees and also the staff. Customising the tags to suit specific events is essential and can make all the difference in meeting your objectives.
Ideally, name tags contain the holder’s name, company name or logo and the holder’s position. By making custom name tags, your company will stand out as unique while motivating the badge users.

Decide what information should be visible on the name tags

When looking for a designer in Auckland, New Zealand, to provide you with a suitable Identification tag for your company it pays to consult with the designer carefully if they have any preferred content and templates. To customise the tags and fit your preferences, talk to the designer so they can include the name and other details you want in the badge. Avoid common name badge mistakes by ensuring everything is legible, settle for the right size of the card and consider the all the information carefully as space is limited. It is also good to note how the name tags could be used to access the other amenities and services.

Decide on the ID’s material

After deciding what to include on the name tag, it is time to pick the printing material you want for the badges. There are a variety of materials, including plastic, metallic and wooden tags. Plastic casings are most common for events. Depending on the type of lanyard you prefer, ensure that the paper on which the details are printed would fit into the holder.

To help you in this, check how different templates will appear online. You could also ask your supplier for samples with different materials so you can pick what suits your company and the event best.

Decide on how the ID is Printed

Once you have merged your badge details with the templates and settled on the most appropriate material, you should decide on how you want them to be printed. Some IDs are made with sticker paper, ones that could be pinned and there also those that need to be scanned for verification.

In some cases, organisers opt for a live ID printing service to accommodate guests in concerts, company launches and other social events with undetermined attendees. Work with your client to ensure you get all the details right. It would also be wise to prepare a couple of additional cards in case there are extra attendants.