Metro Manila: One of the Easiest Places to Travel

Metro Manila: One of the Easiest Places to Travel

Traveling to another country — especially in Asian — can sometimes be difficult. The road signs are in foreign scripts, people don’t understand you and your money tends to burn real fast. Compared with its Asian counterparts, however, Manila is the most tourist-friendly city to visit. Here's why.

Everyone understands English.

The moment you land in Manila, everyone will speak your language. You can get a sedan or an SUV from a car rentals company without worrying about unfathomable street signs on the road.

The Philippines uses the English alphabet and even if you encounter Filipino names for places and things — the phonetic nature of the Filipino language makes everything easy to read and pronounce.

Prices are reasonable.

If you’re planning to stay in Manila for a few weeks or so, don’t worry about burning a hole in your pocket. The cost of living in Manila is one of the lowest in Asia.

Some Japanese professionals even take 6-month vacations in Manila — because having a 6-month vacation in Manila is less expensive than living in Japan for the same duration.

You could get a meal — or a beer — for less than a dollar, a 10-mile cab fare costs around 4–5 dollars (5-6 dollars if you’re using a ride-hailing app), and rent a 2–3 bedroom house for as low as 200 dollars a month.

People are friendly.

Filipinos are very friendly. Their culture is very similar to western cultures, and although they might be a bit more conservative, you won’t need to adjust or wonder if you’re breaking any taboos. People will happily talk to you if you approach them and the language barrier is close to nil.

If visiting cities was a game, Manila would be on the easiest level. It could even be the tutorial. Prices are low, people are friendly and — best of all — they speak your language.