Adjusting Temperature Improves the Quality of Your Sleep

Adjusting Temperature Improves the Quality of Your Sleep

Sleeping for an extra hour or two might not be as refreshing as having good quality sleep, says a study conducted in the University of Sydney. According to researcher Dr Nick Glozier, better sleep is not about adding more hours but about having a consistent bedtime, keeping away from devices and maintaining ideal room temperature.

While setting a proper bedtime and staying away from your phone are things you can control, finding the right temperature might be trickier. Temperature relies both on the ventilation in the room and what you have in your sleeping area. If you find the perfect combination of the two, your sleep quality can improve.

Here are things you can work on:


Loose and comfortable nightwear is essential no matter the room temperature, but make sure you choose the right fit and fabric. Wool pyjamas, for example, can keep you warm but may also cause skin irritation. If your room is warm at night, consider cotton sleepwear to avoid overheating. Wearing socks helps against cold feet which causes sleep disruptions.


Blankets are useful if you have to deal with changing temperatures throughout your sleep. If your room gets exceedingly chilly during the early hours before morning, a blanket can help you adjust your temperature without changing your clothes. As with clothing, the proper fabric can ensure your comfort.


External conditions can affect your sleep too, especially given the recent weather. You can have one of the hottest winters on record in Australia and NSW but immediately have it followed by cold fronts drifting into areas like Melbourne and Sydney. Local air conditioning contractors can help you install reverse cycle air-conditioning units that can either cool or heat your home, making it ideal for places that suffer from weather extremes.

The Sleep Health Foundation identifies sleep deprivation as an epidemic, afflicting 33 to 45 per cent of all adults in Australia. Working on finding the right temperature is not just about sleeping well; it can also help promote better productivity and overall health.