3 Common Mistakes You Might Be Making When Feeding Your Cats

3 Common Mistakes You Might Be Making When Feeding Your Cats

Everyone wants their cats to stay healthy — and nutrition plays a big part in that. However, merely feeding your cat twice a day might not be enough, and you might be endangering your cat’s health without knowing it. Here are three mistakes to avoid when feeding your cats.

1. Too Little Water

Cats need a lot of water — especially if they mostly eat dry cat food. Like humans, cats can get urinary tract infections if they get too little water. Cats can be a little difficult and picky when it comes to their water.

Most cats prefer their water clean, and the more finicky cats want to see you actually pour the water into their bowl. If your cats are the latter, consider getting a cat fountain — they seem to have a thing for moving water.

2. Too Much Dry Food

Cats need meat. They are obligate carnivores that need actual meat in their diets. Obligate carnivores meet their blood sugar requirements — not from carbohydrates — but by breaking down protein in their diet.

Dry cat food contains too many carbohydrates, which cats don’t particularly need. As such, add a bit of wet food to their meals. Mixing 1–2 spoons of wet food for every serving of dry food will do wonders for your cat’s health.

3. No Exact Mealtime

Don’t let your cats graze. Feed them once in the morning and once at night — with no other meals in between. Give your cats proper portions each meal, and if they have leftovers — you’re probably giving them too much.

Cut back on the portions until they can eat everything in one go and stick with it. Don’t give in to your cat’s calls for food in between meals. Once they learn that you’ll just ignore them, they’ll look forward to regular meal times — instead of incessantly asking every few hours.

Cats don’t know better and might make poor choices if you give them the chance. It’s up to you to guide your cats in what they eat, when they eat and how much they eat. Your cats’ health is ultimately in your hands.