How Much Should You Spend on a Funeral in Spain?

How Much Should You Spend on a Funeral in Spain?

The average cost of a funeral in Spain may reach between €2,200 and €2,500, although the actual price might be more or less expensive depending on several factors.
If you’re a middle-aged British expat, funeral pre-planning services in Spain should be a priority. Most people tend to neglect the cost of dying in another country when they think about relocating there.

Funeral Expenses

Your location in the country will be a factor in determining funeral expenses. Some places can be more expensive than others. For instance, it costs around €3,000 to pay for a funeral in Alicante or Palma. The price might be more than that if you decide to hold the funeral in Madrid or Barcelona. On the other hand, Badajoz is among the affordable places with a cost of €1,000. Many foreigners from the UK and other countries in Europe have bought particular insurance policies to cover for their funeral. However, the Consumers’ Association advised that it’s more practical to pay for a funeral out of savings accounts or have a life insurance policy.

Lower Cost of Living

It may be easier to save for a funeral in Spain than the UK. A study showed that you might save up to £22,000 per year by relocating into the country. Expenses such as a home purchase, fuel, public transportation, education and healthcare are notably cheaper. However, it takes a significant amount of time and planning to decide where you want to live in the country. And that also requires you to consider whether you would want to be buried there or be repatriated back to the UK. It’s said that nothing is certain except for but death and taxes. By planning a funeral, your death becomes more financially manageable. While your loved ones may still feel the same pain from your loss even with a prepaid plan, knowing that they don’t have to worry about giving you a decent burial is a better alternative.