5 Places You Can Pick Up Bed Bugs

5 Places You Can Pick Up Bed Bugs

Bed bugs feed on the blood of humans and animals. They are quite resilient and can go for days without feeding. Below are some of the unusual place you can pick up bed bugs. If you suspect this, contact experts in bed bug pest control services, such as Custom Bedbug, for inspection and extermination.

1. Public Transportation

Buses, trains, and planes transport people from varying backgrounds. You can never tell who might be carrying bugs since they are small, and hence not easily detectable. Inspecting your luggage and clothes once you get home is a necessary precaution.

2. Public Institutions

Schools, colleges, and daycares can harbor bed bugs. When kids share items such as stuffed animals and toys, they could end up carrying bed bugs home. Adults could do the same when they pick the bugs from hanging around infested areas.

3. Movie Theatres

Movie theatres host a lot of people. With comfortable seats and people spending hours in the place, they are a perfect resting place for eager bed bugs looking for some food. Reducing the amount of personal belongings you carry there can help minimize your exposure.

4. Laundry Facilities

Shared spaces used for laundry easily spread bed bugs from one person to another. Extra caution is necessary when working in such facilities. Keep to yourself when folding and sorting after inspecting tables and chairs. Also, use the highest heat setting when drying in case some bed bugs got through.

5. Hospitals and Nursing Homes

The nature of interaction in hospitals makes it easy to transport bed bugs. You are likely to see them in emergency rooms, as patients are rushed in by their family members.

Although bed bugs are mostly found in crevices and cracks that are close to human environment, their ability to live without feeding allows them to survive in temporary habitats. It is from this alternative living environment that they hitch a ride to the areas mentioned above. Make sure to keep an eye on these places to keep your family safe.