Types of Arc Welding Machines

Types of Arc Welding Machines

There are different methods to join metal pieces. However, welding remains the popular choice since it transforms different metal pieces into strong metal products. Among the essential tools in welding is the arc welding machine.

This machine does not come cheap and has high maintenance costs. The best option for you is to contact a welding equipment company and rent the device. Here are the welding machines that you might need for your job:

DC Inverters

The modern DC inverter arc welder is a portable machine. It can run on a power supply of 240 volts. High-end DC inverter arc welding machines have features that adjust their voltage to cope with dirty plates. However, these machines need utmost care since even a small drop might result in their extensive damage.

DC Transformer Welders

These are typically large machines meant for welding in workshops. DC transformer welders have higher duty cycles compared to inverter arc welders. They are an ideal option when you need to weld for a prolonged period. DC transformer welding machines require a significant power input.

AC/DC Welders

Though typically used for TIG welding, these machines also have arc welding settings. AC/DC welders can be used with AC rods. The AC is also not prone to magnetism, which typically causes straying arcs on DC machines. Hiring an AC/DC welder might be expensive since the equipment has a high upfront cost.

There are a variety of welding machines on the market, including solid state, plasma cutting, and more. The given arc welding machines are the most effective for a broad range of tasks. To guarantee a perfect job, always hire welders from a company that invests in high-quality devices and takes care of them.