Techniques that Boost Your Facebook Video Ads’ Conversion Rate

Techniques that Boost Your Facebook Video Ads’ Conversion Rate

Video is a multi-faceted medium that allows businesses to deliver their message and elicit the response they seek from their intended audiences. Given that Facebook uses videos as an advertising platform, your company can leverage this content type to maximize your reach and convert at a better rate. If you want to improve your conversion rate when you utilize Facebook video ads, keep these things in mind.

Pattern the Video after a Silent Film

Facebook allows users to watch a snippet or even the whole video without them needing to play it. This means you have to compel a person to watch and deliver your message while it plays on mute. Include subtitles and creative text displays to communicate with your intended audience. This allows you to make a pitch and tell a story even if there’s no sound. If you need further assistance in creating Facebook advertisements, don’t hesitate to approach digital marketing agencies like Viral Solutions.

Create Engaging Video Titles and Descriptions

Video titles and descriptions summarize the content of the video even before a user plays it. This is your initial pitch to users who happen to see your videos on their feed. These also provide Facebook’s algorithms with the information they need to show it to relevant markets. Include keywords in both to get the results you want.

Include a Call-to-Action in Your Video Ad

Like many ads on different platforms and types, you need to include a call-to-action (CTA) to elicit the response you want from viewers. The ideal places to put this in are either in the middle or at the end of a video.

Keep the Video Short and Sweet

Facebook users have a short attention span. Given this information, make sure that you deliver your brand message, value proposition, and pitch within a minute or less. The first frame should grab the attention of your viewers. Remember that you’ll get better results when the length of your video is short.

These are the Facebook video ad tips you can implement when you make your next video ad. Doing so allows you to reach your audiences effectively and improve the chances of getting that much-needed conversion.