Making Funerals Clean and Green

Making Funerals Clean and Green

Traditional funerals affect the environment, and this is primarily through global warming and the need to create more space for the deceased.

This is why more and more people are now opting for green funeral services or eco-friendly burials to help in the preservation of the environment. Unlike traditional burial sites or cemeteries, green burial sites are meant to look like natural forests or wooded areas. So if you are planning to conduct green funeral services, here are funeral types you may consider.

Infinity Burial Suit

This body wear is designed to make sure that the natural process of deterioration will have no negative impact on the surrounding environment. The full body suit is made from biodegradable material and eliminates harmful chemicals from the entire burial process. Burying a body in an Infinity Suit removes all the nutrients and transfers them to the environment.

Organic Burial Pods

During the preparations for a traditional burial, plenty of energy is used to produce the coffin and other materials. Unfortunately, these materials do not break down easily and negatively affect the environment. However, using an organic pod for a burial uses the body to grow into a tree. After the body is placed on the pod and buried beneath the ground, seeds of plants or trees are planted on top of it. As the body degrades, it will provide nutrients to nourish the seeds, which grow into a tree and preserve the environment.

Biodegradable Shrouds and Coffins

If you have concerns about the environment, but you still find that a traditional burial is preferable, then you should choose biodegradable shrouds or coffins. You can find coffins made from wicker, cardboard, and other biodegradable materials, as well as shrouds made from wool, cotton, and even banana leaves.

For a funeral to qualify as green or eco-friendly, you need to meet several requirements. These include no embalming, no cremation, and an organic coffin that will decompose safely. The burial site should not have any impact on the environment or affect it in a negative manner.