3 Qualities Recruitment Agencies Look for in a Candidate

3 Qualities Recruitment Agencies Look for in a Candidate

When looking for a job, some of the companies that advertise vacancies will refer you to their recruitment agency here in Ipswich. These agencies act as the bridge between you and the firm. Your job application will only go through if the staffing consultant forwards your details to the hiring company.

It is, therefore, essential you understand what these agencies look for to qualify for that job you always wanted.


You should be in a position to express yourself in before members of the staffing agency. How you present yourself and address your interviewers during the interview is enough to tell whether you are the best fit for the advertised job. It is normal to feel the tension, but do not let it overwhelm you.

Remember that your confidence is not just in words, but also in your body language and the manner that you dress. You can practice your speech before even meeting with the interviewers.


Your agency will be looking for a high level of commitment from you. It does not take long to judge the commitment level of an individual. Your responses to emails, calls and meetings will speak volumes about it.

The agency needs to be sure you take the job seriously if ever you get the position.

Your Curriculum Vitae

One of the documents you need to bring during your interview is the curriculum vitae. Your CV is an overall description of you and your professional background. Observe the guidelines for writing curriculum vitae. Be specific, realistic and give the correct details.

Many individuals are eyeing the same job position as you are; do not let an avoidable mistake stand in your way.

Recruitment consultants want to make sure you are applying for the right job position and that you can deliver results. They also want to provide the right candidate to the hiring company. When visiting any recruitment agency, demonstrate confidence and commitment to boost your chances of getting the job.