Why Pie Dishes Are Every Baker’s Must-Have

Why Pie Dishes Are Every Baker’s Must-Have

Pie dishes are one of the best things ever invented by man. Despite its utilitarian nature, it gives food serving an extra plate appeal and lends a sophisticated touch to an otherwise regular food-plating situation.

The Uses of a Pie Dish

An enamel pie dish from Falcon Enamelware is not limited to use for making pies alone; it’s the perfect cooking vessel for oven roasted meat and even for reheating them, too. These pie dishes can go from the oven to the fridge, and back to the oven again for when you need to reheat the food. You don’t have to worry about it cracking or staining as pie dishes are made to last a lifetime. So even if you’re not the most careful cook in the world, you can count on the dish to be kind to you for a very, very long time.

The Importance of Having One in Your Kitchen

Pie dishes are practical cookware to have in your kitchen arsenal. Aside from pie baking, and its classic, elegant, picture-perfect design, it can also be used for making stews on a hob top as well as for marinating ingredients for oven cooking.

This all-in-one cooking equipment can be used in various ways, that it’s impractical not to want to have one. It’s a great tool to simplify the process of preparing and cooking food and your kitchen life.

Traditional Designs and Fun Colours

The most popular design is the blue-rimmed white enamel pie dish. It is, and will always be the quintessential pie dish one can ever have in their kitchen.

It comes in round, and oblong forms and newer designs come in rich and pastel colours, too. It’s an awesome way to serve food and a beautiful thing to have around your kitchen. It makes food prepping and food making a lot more fun and practical, to boot.

If you haven’t got these dishes in your kitchen arsenal yet, now would be the best time to get one and start making those oven-baked dishes in these beautiful pie dishes that you and your family will enjoy.