Because, Adulting: Business Ideas for Millennials

Because, Adulting: Business Ideas for Millennials

Millennials have been tagged as the primary influencers in the shake-up of corporate culture — the shift from traditional cubicles to open floor layouts in offices, the transition to remote working, even the very definition of work-life balance.

But have you noticed that millennials have been changing the business scene altogether? Many successful businesses today are a brainchild of millennials, from tech nerd Mark Zuckerberg to beauty mogul Kylie Jenner.

Business with a Twist

A lot of surveys show that millennials are creative, such that they are twice as likely to get into tasks that require innovation, compared with older generations. What better way to get your creative juices flowing than coming up with a business?

There are tons of old businesses you can put a twist in — go ahead and get that pizza franchise to start your own business success.

Flexible Business

As mentioned earlier, millennials don’t want a 9–6 desk job. With laptops and mobile phones constantly in their hands, wherever they go is a workplace.

If you’re a digital geek, consider providing services such as website design, copywriting or social media management. With repeat clients, you can surely build a business that wouldn’t keep you at a regular 9–6 job.

Social Enterprises

The mindset of most millennials today is that they can change the world by making a difference in their own ways. Many young entrepreneurs align their business visions to global issues such as poverty, climate change, women empowerment and so on.

You might want to do this yourself as well. Start by considering which social issue you’re most passionate about and from there, take on the challenge of addressing it through a social enterprise.

Just because you are a millennial doesn’t mean you can’t start a business. The advantage is precisely there: you are young, and you have a lot of potential for business success.