What Jobs Offer High Salaries Even Without a College Degree?

What Jobs Offer High Salaries Even Without a College Degree?

Some of the highest paid jobs in the country for high school graduates include those in aviation, law enforcement, and industrial sectors. General labor jobs also tend to pay well, depending on your skills and level of experience.

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Rewarding Employment​

In 2016, operators of nuclear power reactors with a high school diploma earned an average annual salary of $91,170. The job requires no experience for entry-level employees, but it involves long-term on-the-job training. The reason for the high salary has to do with employers wanting to attract more talents. The number of vacancies is expected to reach just 500 through 2026.

If you’re looking for jobs with more openings in the future, first-line supervisors of police and detectives are expected to grow by 7,100 in the next eight years. The occupation paid more than $84,000 on average per year in 2016, although it required supervisors to have less than five years of experience.

Those who want to become a commercial pilot need to complete mid-term on-the-job training. Commercial pilots earned $77,200 on average in 2016, and jobs openings are expected to increase by 4,000 within eight years.

The Best Cities for Job Hunters​

The place where you look for work has a significant impact on your job hunt. A study ranked San Jose and San Francisco in California among the best places for job seekers. The jobless rate in both cities reached 3.3% so far this year.

Other cities that are favorable for job hunters include Boston, Minneapolis, Miami, Seattle, and Washington, D.C. These places share the common traits of cities with the best employment markets, which are job security and high salary growth.

It’s true that a bachelor’s degree increases the chances of getting a higher income, but times have changed in the U.S. where a high school diploma is sometimes enough to land a job with a decent salary.