The Types of Truckload Trailers Your Business Can Use

The Types of Truckload Trailers Your Business Can Use

Each truck is different in form, capacity, strength, and functionality. It is essential to note the weight capacity and dimensions of a truck bodies and trailers when sourcing massive transportation. You also need to consider the weight and sensitivity of the load you’ll need to haul. Then determine the distance and the route you’re travelling before selecting a truck. This goes a long way in ensuring that your cargo gets to its destination safely? What are your options?

Flatbed Trailers

This category is prevalent and widely used due to its versatility. Companies mostly use a flatbed for loading freights on its rear, side or tip. They are primarily used for transporting items such as water tanks, concrete pipes and super heavy and oversized equipment such as mining equipment and cranes.

Refrigerated Trailers and Reefers

This category comprises temperature-controlled reefers and trailers. Businesses use these to transport frozen or chilled products such as vegetables, meat and meat products, fruits, milk and milk products, among others. The trailers and reefers can come in box truck (one huge open space) or with separate containers within the same truck (the standard size).

Enclosed Trailers

Also known as dry van trailers, this type transports dry cargo. The trucks have been manufactured in a way that they protect the contents of your shipment from extreme weather conditions while in transit. The cargo is loaded on the rear side and is normally loaded using a loading dock.

If you are in the transporting business, it is advisable to invest in a flatbed truck first before any other trailer type. It’s a good choice because it is flexible, enabling you to make the most of this investment. You can even specify a design to suit your operational requirements. Either way, choose the suitable truck from a reliable manufacturer.