Ways to Ensure Your Employees Have Enough Eye Protection

Ways to Ensure Your Employees Have Enough Eye Protection

Many factors can increase the risk of eye injuries in the workplace. But usually, workers who experience eye injuries are not wearing industrial protection for the eyes.

Inadequate or Inappropriate Protection

However, workers who are wearing eye protection may in some instances still get eye injuries. Injuries may happen if the workers wear inadequate or the wrong kind of eye protection for the job. Here are tips to ensure your workers have enough protection.

Do a Hazard Assessment Before You Buy Eyewear

Before you go shopping, determine which eye injury hazards exist at your workplace. To identify potential hazards, walk through the job area and discuss risk factors with colleagues or your workers. Eye injury records can also help you note and address recurring problems.

Common hazards include dust, debris, chemicals, smoke, gases, and blood-borne pathogens.

Buy the Right Type of Eyewear

Industrial eyewear can offer low-impact, medium-impact or high-impact protection. Having identified the potential hazards present, choose the eye protection that adequately mitigates these risks. For instance, safety glasses with polycarbonate lenses can help protect against minor dust or flying particles.

Goggles can be a better choice if you need higher impact or chemical splash protection. Add face shields for higher impact protection.

Ensure a Correct Fit

Eyewear must fit properly to offer adequate protection. For instance, safety glasses that don’t rest firmly on top of the wearer’s nose will slide and lose protection. Workers should know how to check if eyewear fits and how to use it correctly.

Teach Your Employees Eye Protection Best Practices

Workers should remember to ensure that the eyewear will fit and stay in place. They should also remember to get rid of hazardous dust and debris before removing the eye protector. Show them how to clean eye protection and keep it in top condition.

Eye protection can help keep your employees’ eyes safe as the workers perform risky tasks. However, you need to find eye protection that adequately addresses all the potential hazards. You also need to make sure the eyewear fits properly and that workers wear it as needed.