So You’ve Put a Ring on it, but Have You Thought About What it Means?

So You’ve Put a Ring on it, but Have You Thought About What it Means?

Anyone can tell you that an engagement ring is the symbol of a soon-to-be binding contract between a couple. It is not just the ring that has meaning, though. What is on it counts, too.

For a love…

  • …that is pure. — Although diamonds do come in a variety of colours, white is a favourite because it represents purity and sincerity. In addition, the white diamond is known in many cultures for protecting the wearer from harm.
  • …that is true. — Naturally, you would not propose if your love is not true. Blue stones show your honesty and loyalty to your partner. Before diamonds were in vogue, sapphires were the stones that reminded couples of their duty to each other.
  • …that is strong. — Red is a common colour used to symbolise romance. On an engagement ring, a red stone shows everyone the couple’s passionate love for each other. Garnets, in particular, represent unconditional love and protection, while rubies meant wealth and wisdom.
  • …that excites. — An energetic colour, yellow can represent couples who value spontaneity in their relationship, as well as loyalty and happiness. The citrine, specifically, also represents prosperity and is a reminder to share your entire self with your partner.
  • …that lasts. — Often given to a fiancée who is ultra-feminine, a pink stone can also speak of the strength of the woman wearing it. Pink represents a pledge of unconditional love and is supposed to protect the couple’s love for their lifetime.

Consider Your Partner

Aside from expressing your feelings or wishes for your partnership through the stone, another thing to think about is your partner’s preferences. Meanings aside, a proposal can be even more exciting when your loved one sees how much thought you put into the ring by choosing her favourite colour or her favourite gemstone.

You also need to choose a good setting. The jewellery she owns can give you a clue to what she likes. You can also be sneaky and take her for a walk at Hatton Garden, where Finecraft Jewellery and other fine jewellery shops are located. Engagement rings are often on display in shop windows, so something that catches her eye might be a good setting to get.

And remember that it is not about the ring, but the intention behind it.