Quayside Living is Very Different from Having a House in the Engine

Quayside Living is Very Different from Having a House in the Engine

Some developments try to gentrify old areas of the city. There are also projects that develop suburban homes a distance away from the city. Then some developments are near the bay. This is not a common choice, but it does have its advantages.

Lifestyle expert quayhouse.com.au explains the biggest advantage of living beside the bay.

Marina Living

It is not a coincidence that residences by the marina are usually located in a gated community. This provides a level of security not usually found in modest communities. Also, due to the proximity to the boats moored in the marina, there are usually other security features including roving guards and CCTV cameras.

If you have a boat of your own, a marina residence allows you to use your boat more often. You moor the boat in the marina, and you can have a worry-free experience. Marina residents are usually more amiable and conversational than their peers. There is a sense of community within the neighbourhood.

Friendly Community

Those who own boats are, in general, friendly neighbours. It is easy to socialise with others in the same community of like-minded individuals, as you enjoy most sunsets during your stay.

In terms of the homes themselves, these usually increase in value faster than most house and lots or condominiums on land. The view is always a great selling point, making the waterfront property a good investment.

The homes also offer a better level of privacy. The security guard also helps maintain the development’s privacy.

Safe and Secure

Although there are risks in living in an area near a body of water, it is no more than what you can expect elsewhere. The seclusion alone is security enough for most people, away from busy streets of urban areas and heavily-populated cities.

Living on the waterfront is an adventure in itself. It promises never to be boring.