Simple Tips for Writing a Great Resume

Simple Tips for Writing a Great Resume

Every job applicant has to submit a resume. This is a summary of a person’s work history and details their qualifications, including other relevant information, such as educational attainment, training, seminars and volunteer work.

Expert Resumes knows that it is not easy to write a resume, and this is a dilemma for most job applicants.

Writing a Resume

The purpose of a resume is to get an applicant to the next phase of the recruitment process. It alone will not get a person hired — only get them interviewed. It should stand out from the other applicants and catch the attention of the recruiter.

A resume should be short, direct and concise. It should only be one or two pages, depending on the work history. If the applicant has been working for more than ten years with a lot of training, then it can be up to three pages long.

A well-written one-page resume has a better chance of being read than two pages with irrelevant information.


Strive for readability. It should be in a style which fits the company’s culture and image. It should also mirror some of the company’s website keywords and philosophy. This mirroring technique makes the applicant more attractive.

It shows that they have been researching the company they are applying for. It should also use keywords that make them more relatable, and they must also directly addresses the recruiters.

Another good tip is to use readable fonts. Highlight or use bold with important information, especially the applicant’s name at the top of the first page. The page should have enough white space, allowing visual focus on the text and its message.

A resume is an important career tool. Less successful resumes almost never get the applicant hired no matter how many times they apply for the position.