How You Can Save Money On Your Next Road Trip

How You Can Save Money On Your Next Road Trip

Summer is almost here, and many of us may have looked into different websites to map out some of the best routes for a road trip, particularly, places with famous landmarks.

The high cost of fuel may deter some people to go on a road trip, but there are different ways to save money and still enjoy the experience.

Digital Companion

Your smartphone will be an important companion during the trip with many different apps to use for budgeting expenses. From finding the best Mexican restaurant in Virginia to knowing the cost of gas in California, there is an app that can help you with almost anything.

GasBuddy is an example. This informs you about the lowest-priced fuel in your area in real time. You can get a 10-cent discount on the first gallon and five cents on the next ones when you use the app to pay for the purchase. Getaround is another app that can help you rent a car, which is perfect for unexpected vehicle trouble. Rates are 30% cheaper than car rental companies, but remember that it’s only available 23 cities in the country.

Basic Planning

Mobile apps can only get you far since you would still need to be aware of some tricks to save money. For instance, a hotel may quote cheaper rates when you call them over the phone. Do this instead of looking up online prices.

Some apps such as Priceline lets you bid on room prices for a much lower cost, which gives you some flexibility on where you want to spend the night.


The best road trip should not burn a hole in your pocket, yet it takes some form of discipline to stick with a budget. If there’s one thing you can spend more than necessary, it has to be for gas expenses.