5 Features of a Great Hostel

5 Features of a Great Hostel

A hostel is an establishment providing inexpensive accommodation for a targeted group of people, such as students and interns. If you are looking for a cheap hostel in London, it should be both dynamic and proactive. Moreover, a good hostel includes all these great features.

1. Secure lockers

Secure lockers in each room — not in the common area — should be non-negotiable. Often, the students and travellers have their gadgets and gears with them. There must be a safe and secure place where they can store these items should they need to leave them in the accommodation.

2. Functional bathrooms

This is another non-negotiable. Cleanliness is one thing, and having clean and working bathrooms is another. This is even more appropriate when sharing bathroom facilities with total strangers. Everyone would need to use clean shower rooms and toilets.

3. Free Wi-Fi

A good hostel is equipped with fast internet access. And yes, free internet with lots of terminals and plugs. This is something all guests can use and appreciate — other than the free breakfast, of course.

4. Laundry service

More hostel services may mean more convenience for all the guests. You can tell you are in a good hostel if you need not scour the place to look for a launderette. Better yet, the hostel should offer full laundry services to guests.

5. Activity coordinator

It is not necessary for staff to do this, but it would be a bonus if a hostel encourages guests to interact with one another. Consider these ideas: barbecue nights in the backyard, open mic nights and indoor games tournaments at the common rooms.

Yes, these five features would be nice for hostels have, but they are important. They keep the guests feel safe and provide them with conveniences within arm’s reach.