Strategies on How Your Food Business Can Break Into the Wedding Industry

Strategies on How Your Food Business Can Break Into the Wedding Industry

catering for weddingThe wedding industry is a booming and prolific one, especially now that same-sex marriage has been legalised. There are plenty of caterers and suppliers who would like to penetrate the niche market, especially those in the food & beverage. This makes the wedding industry extremely competitive. But how can a small food caterer make a name for itself?

1. Produce a portfolio

Whenever you are hired for your service, document it. Take great photographs of your food selection and set-up. Package it beautifully so you have something to show to first-time clients. This also shows professionalism and will help you bag new clients.

2. Invest in equipment

If you want to be in the wedding industry, your food selection must be undeniably delicious and the presentation appealing. Thus, for high-quality products, you should invest in good quality equipment. Shop around for suppliers of commercial catering equipment and upgrade your old gear with something better.

3. Focus on food specialties

While having a wide array of food selection and cuisines opens more market opportunities, you also want to be a go-to name for a specialty. For instance, do you want to develop a vegan or organic menu? Are you proud of your Mediterranean items? It is always better to offer a few great products than a lot of items that are mediocre.

4. Partner with other suppliers

This is one of the best marketing tactics that you can utilise. The wedding industry is close-knit, so find other suppliers that can refer you to their clients. Just make sure that the suppliers you partner with practice the same level of professionalism.

According to the research conducted by Easy Weddings on the wedding industry, a wedding couple spends an average of $8,000 on catering during their big day ‒ a lot for a one-day event.

If you want to be part of this ever-growing industry, you need to level up your performance and make a few investments.