How to Create Inventory Lists When Packing for a Move

How to Create Inventory Lists When Packing for a Move

An ideal way to stay organized, focused, and sane during a move is to have detailed lists to keep you track. One of them is your home inventory list. This has all of your belongings to visualize the bigger picture — which items to sort, pack, give away, sell, and which resources (from packaging to shipping supplies) to prepare for packing.

Whether handwritten or digital, you have to document your items in the most detailed way possible. Begin with the following tips:

Make an Inventory

Create separate lists for each room to make things easier for you. Begin with rooms you use for storage, as these probably hold tons of stuff you need to sort through. Note huge items first then those inside drawers, shelves, containers, and so on. You don’t necessarily have to list everything, but pay close to attention valuables.

Note Crucial Details

Your list must have multiple columns that contain specific details on each item, including its market value (for insurance purchases), current condition, where you’ll pack it, its model or make number, and other details you consider relevant.

Don’t Forget Visuals

You could simply take photos of all items in your inventory lists or walk through each room and document everything through a video. You could note down specific details by simply speaking into the microphone.

Consider Using an App

Digital records are undoubtedly easier to make than handwritten records and are simply more convenient. Check online for apps specifically developed for making inventory lists for moving.

Once you’re done, make backup copies to ensure they won’t get lost in the middle of packing or moving preparations. Before leaving your home, compare your list to those prepared by your movers (if applicable) to determine if everything is in order. Of course, as Nash Packaging added, you wouldn’t want to forget listing the supplies you’ll need before, during, and after the move.

When pressed for time, there’s a chance that you might overlook some vital aspects of the move. With advance preparation and organization, you reduce the chances of committing mistakes and losing important things.