How Simple Changes at Home May Reduce Your Energy Consumption

How Simple Changes at Home May Reduce Your Energy Consumption

Kiwis experienced more expensive electric bills in the last quarter of 2017, when prices rose two per cent year over year, according to Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE).

As the cost of electricity rose in the country, there are some changes you can make or habits you could develop to reduce your energy consumption.

Higher Prices

Installing a gas central heating system may be a wiser decision now that the price of electricity has went up. agrees that this serves as a good alternative to an electric system, which consumes more power. You could also choose from many power-saving products that were not available in the market in the last five years.

As much as 40,000 households did this in 2017, aside from nearly 441,000 families that switched to a new electricity provider, the Electricity Authority said. A wise approach to electricity consumption not only saves you money, but also helps the environment.

Energy-Saving Tips

Because electricity accounts for a huge portion of household spending, you should pay attention to how electric appliances or fixtures consume energy. The use of LED light bulbs, for instance, could already reduce your monthly bill. Switching off appliances when not in use can also reduce energy consumption by 10 per cent. The same holds true when you keep your cooling or heating system in good condition by following scheduled repair or maintenance works.

Other ways to save on your bill include turning off lights when leaving a room or simply unplugging your charger as soon as your phone battery becomes full. Routine checks by an electrician will also help you prevent problems that could lead to a bigger expense later on.

Most people may be aware of these energy-saving tips and it can be easy to observe them every day. How do you conserve energy at home?