How Commercial Cleaners Price Their Services

How Commercial Cleaners Price Their Services

As a business owner, you want to spend your time trying to expand your business and outsource cleaning services to a professional. Finding a company that performs to a level that you can be happy could be tricky yet not impossible.

The first thing you can do is shortlist a few commercial cleaning companies in Salt Lake City. As service companies provide itemized service charges, getting a list and doing comparison shopping is essential.

Items to Look at on a Cleaning Estimate

When you contact a cleaning service, their customer service representative comes over to look at the property. Common items on their services list include:

  • How often they will clean
  • When will they clean
  • What tasks will they perform
  • What products are used
  • If they restock supplies
  • Standards that should be maintained
  • If they are bonded and insured

How Much Do Their Services Cost

Commercial cleaning costs vary based on the above-mentioned factors and on the size of the facility to be cleaned. If it has more than one or two bathrooms, the price will be higher. If the office is over 2000sqm in size, the price could be calculated on square foot basis.

Prices usually include vacuuming, waxing, and thoroughly cleaning up sinks and counters in kitchens and bathrooms. Most commercial cleaning is done after regular office hours. If you want them to come during the day, check how much it will cost.

Other Things to Consider Before Hiring

Cutting through the sales pitch becomes easier once you consider the following:

  • Do they have references to businesses of an equivalent size?
  • Are they willing to offer a detailed cost break down?
  • Are they willing to undergo drug tests and background checks?
  • Who is going to oversee servicing your facility?
  • What is their insurance coverage?
  • How much training do they offer their employees?
  • How easy is it to talk to a manager or representative if you have questions or issues?

Asking and getting answers to the above questions is important, as you’re entrusting your office keys to a service company. Professionals take pride in hiring, training, and sending good employees to do work. They also take pride in being transparent and establishing long-term relationships with their customers.