For Online Businesses: Why your Packaging Matters

For Online Businesses: Why your Packaging Matters

Running an online business requires an explicit packaging method. A high-quality product shipped in poor packaging subjects your merchandise to damage and loss. Cardboard boxes, also known as corrugated cardboard boxes or fiberboards, are structured to give them strength so they can withstand the weight of products and endure rough rides. Besides, corrugated cardboard packaging is environmentally friendly. Here are qualities that make them sustainable and perfect for shipping.


On average, cardboard is made up of 70 to 90 percent recyclable material. There are some that are 100 percent recyclable, though. It is also possible to make them without dying and bleaching which makes waste cardboard recycling effortless and minimises environmental footprint. The recycling process saves on energy and resources required in creating new material.


Corrugated packaging is strong enough and suitable for reuse before recycling. It is possible to use them for supplies and reuse them when shipping finished products. Your customers also get a chance to use them for their packaging needs. Also, they can be repurposed to make items such as storage racks, pet beds, furniture, and decorative pieces. Their durability minimises new purchases and as a result, reduces waste disposal and manufacturing costs.


Cardboard packaging boxes come in innovative designs that deliver structural strength and offer adequate product protection. These eliminate chunks of cardboard material used and allow thinner walls while maintaining their functionality. The minimal materials used to save on resources used in making the packaging boxes. Also, most manufacturers use renewable materials such as tree pulp.

Consumers are progressively becoming conscious and putting into consideration a company’s sustainability efforts before making purchases. The state in which the goods reach them in is also important. Choose your packaging wisely and opt for a method that delivers the goods in their original state while not harming the environment to grow your online business.