The Job Interview: What You Need to Succeed

The Job Interview: What You Need to Succeed

If you are a new graduate, showing up for your first job interview could indeed be nerve-racking. As a job seeker, finding the right job is not as easy as you think.

Recruitment agencies like those in Ipswich and Felixstowe can help you turn the situation around. These headhunting and job matching experts can help job seekers and companies find the right match for their needs.

But for many job seekers, they need to be prepared and present themselves well. It starts with the job interview. These are some ways you can show them that you are the one.

Know the company.

An applicant should research¬† the company that intends to give the interview.¬† This is your way of showing the interviewer why you fit their company. You should also prepare to ask questions. This will also tell you a lot about the company’s culture and values.

Know the job.

Showing confidence that you are the right candidate for the job means understanding the duties and responsibilities of the position you want.

It also means you have the skills and experience that would benefit the company and help it achieve its goals. Find the right chance to talk about your skills and experience. Focus on what you can do for the company, and not what the company can do for you.

Make a good impression.

Be confident about yourself and your abilities. Shine during the first 30 seconds. A firm handshake and a personal greeting would be good, but you should always follow it up with sincerity and an impeccable outfit. Avoid wearing heavy makeup and strong perfumes as they can distract an interviewer.

Communicate well.

Communication includes non-verbal cues, such as your body language and eye contact. Make sure that you look at your interviewer and smile when appropriate.¬† Avoid verbal fillers like “um” and “you know”. You should also remove distracting mannerisms such as toe-tapping and nail biting.

Leave a contact number.

Before the end of the interview, ask the interviewer about the next step of the process. It is also professional and polite to send a thank you email after the interview.

Your job interview is your initial step to fulfil your career goals. Your recruitment firm is ready to help you find the right job and company, but you also need to do your part to make it a match that’s made in employment heaven.