Boom Lift Comparison: Differentiating Articulating and Telescoping Boom Lifts

Boom Lift Comparison: Differentiating Articulating and Telescoping Boom Lifts

Aerial work platforms, specifically boom lifts, are vital to construction workers. These lifts help workers get to difficult-to-reach spots or move light loads of equipment or tools at height. Two of the most popular boom lifts out there are articulating and telescoping boom lifts. Before you purchase a boom lift for sale, it is important to be familiar with these differences between the two machines so that you use the most suitable one for your construction job.

Articulating Boom Lift

This type of boom lift has bendable sections that allow the platform to go up and over obstacles. Additionally, this machine can independently move the sections of the lift and allow operators to reach work locations that are usually harder to access. If your construction job requires access to narrow areas or spots with obstacles, the articulating boom lift is the ideal platform for you.

Telescoping Boom Lift

On the other hand, telescoping boom lifts are aerial work platforms with boom sections that extend out and up. The telescoping boom requires room to move as the boom does not compact down and the bigger section of the lift is straight and cannot bend. While the larger section might not be flexible, it is stable. It allows you to work safely at heights.

Another great thing about telescoping boom lifts is its vertical reach. This machine can reach heights higher than articulating boom lifts. If you are in an industry that requires you to work on roofs or lift items to high positions, such as stacking materials, then choose the telescoping boom lift.

So, if you need a flexible boom lift that can accommodate exacting work, such as repairing transmission lines, opt for an articulated boom lift. Conversely, if you need a boom lift that can reach very high places like roofs, get a telescopic boom lift. Instead of figuring out which option is better, focus on choosing the one that can help you safely, efficiently and profitably finish a construction project.