The Significance of Hand Protection in the Workplace

The Significance of Hand Protection in the Workplace

More than a hundred thousand hand injuries occur in workplaces annually. This equates to a significant amount of time lost during convalescence. You can prevent all these by using the appropriate hand protection for your workers.

Simply providing hand protection gloves is not enough to ensure your workers are safe. Even with good quality gloves, workplace accidents still occur. This is mostly as a result of negligence, misinformation and unsuitable gloves. Here are the essential Es that will help you remember how to minimise your hand-relayed workplace injuries.


Having adequate education on the safety hazards in your workplace and the necessary safety equipment you should be using is essential. Keep up-to-date with the latest innovation in hand protection and talk to industry experts. They might advise you on what safety measures have worked in other facilities. Ensure you also continually update yourself on any government policy changes on workplace hazards.


Over 70 % of hand injuries at the workplace occurs when the worker is not wearing gloves. Though you might provide the latest safety equipment, it is useless if not used by your employees. Ensure they know the value of wearing gloves and get a comfortable fit. One of the common reasons employees neglect gloves is lack of a proper fit.


Machines and workplace hazards continuously change with innovations. Regularly evaluate your workplace to assess whether or not the gloves you have provided for your workers protect them from the risks specific to their work. Obsolete safety gloves might be more harmful than beneficial.

Most glove manufacturers and distributors offer workplace safety assessments and recommendations. They will provide you with a detailed audit of the hazards and advise you on the best hand protection. They might even offer some free samples to try. Use your partnerships with distributors and manufacturers to give your workers the best protection.