Parts of Your Solar Water Heater That Need Routine Maintenance

Parts of Your Solar Water Heater That Need Routine Maintenance

There are many benefits you stand to reap if you invest in a solar water heater for your home. Not only will you get to reduce your energy costs but also increase your property’s value.

You can enjoy solar heating in NZ for three decades with proper care and maintenance of your system. Annual expert maintenance is required in addition to having a certified installer check your solar heater every three to five years. That said, below are the primary components you should look after to keep your heater in top-notch condition:

Solar collector

Your solar collector should remain unshaded at all times. It is therefore essential to trim all vegetation around your panels. Periodic cleaning is also necessary to wipe off dust, dirt and snow, which might hamper the collector’s functioning. Routinely inspect your solar collector for yellowing and cracks and check that the seals are in proper condition.


This is one of the key constituents of your solar heater. Pump failure causes overheating of your solar system. Burning smells, cold return pipes and high-pitched noises are all indications of imminent pump failure. You should repair or replace any compromised pumps immediately once you notice a problem.

Heat transfer fluids

These fluids carry heat through a heat exchanger and your solar collector. In hot climates, the fluid should have a boiling point, and in cold climates, it should have anti-freeze. This fluid needs annual checks to ensure it is in a good state and if necessary, replaced. Heat transfer fluids require special handling techniques, and a solar heater specialist should hence handle them.

While it is tempting to wish a problem away, even seemingly slight problems can lead to significant issues if not promptly repaired. Always call an expert to investigate your problem. Ensure the plumbing company you work with is qualified and equipped to deal with solar heaters.